Commercial Security Services in Sacramento & Northern California

Whether you run a large Fortune 500 enterprise or a mom and pop company, the safety of your property, your employees, and your customers is vital to the success of your operation. At Consolidated Protective Services, we thrive when your business thrives. As your security partner, we will protect your property with the same care and vigilance we would use to safeguard our own.

Proactive Commercial Security Services

We take a professional, proactive approach to eliminating any threat or harm to people and property. Our officers develop good working relationships with our customers’ tenants and employees, listening to their concerns in order to create the most effective solutions and security systems at the workplace. With constant vigilance and attention to the smallest detail, Consolidated Protective Services can help your company:

  • Prevent theft and violence
  • Discourage panhandling and transients
  • Detect and report maintenance issues

Solutions for Every Business

Each business presents its own challenges for commercial security services. That’s why we take the time to learn about your organization, your premises, and your inherent security risks. Whether you require armed or unarmed guards, we have the flexibility and the expertise to customize our Sacramento commercial building security solutions to your unique requirements. We are proud to provide commercial security and guard businesses across a broad spectrum of commercial markets, including:

  • Casinos
  • Financial institutions and banking
  • Hospitality establishments and hotels
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Mall and Shopping centers
  • Warehouse and industrial facilities

Security Guards for Retail Stores, Malls, Banks, Offices and More

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