School Security Services In Sacramento

Your students and faculty deserve a safe, positive learning environment. Count on Consolidated Protective Services to provide you with school security guard services that address the ever-changing security challenges faced by today’s educational institutions. We will collaborate with faculty and administration officials to create a security program that addresses your school’s specific concerns from the front office to the maintenance room.

K-12 Schools

By providing and maintaining a safe environment in which to learn, we can help our children achieve their highest potential and receive a valuable education. Ensure safety for staff, visitors, and administrative personnel who create a valuable learning experience for children. Let us help your elementary school:

  • Assess and manage security threats
  • Prevent bullying
  • Reduce risk of violence against teachers
  • Put parents’ minds at ease by providing a nonthreatening presence

Colleges and Universities

Consolidated Protective Services is dedicated to helping your institution enhance the opportunity for students to get the most from their educational experience. School security services at the university level require a custom security program for building and dormitory safety, as well as field safety for student athletic teams. Our college and university security services provide protection in residence halls, on-campus nightlife venues, sporting events, and other areas.

Grades K-12 & Higher Education Security

We can create a campus security program that features our professional guards in uniform, as well as an arrangement with a subtler approach to visible security. Campus-wide safety is best handled through integration of a variety of standard security features including patrols, surveillance, and guard presence. Our college campus security teams help:

  • Evaluate and address security challenges
  • Prevent school violence
  • Reduce vandalism to school property
  • Deter campus riots or protests

Our Services

We offer educational facilities and campuses numerous options when it comes to providing the most appropriate level of protection. Our choices for college, elementary, and high school security services include:

  • Armed Guards Services: Our professionals undergo extensive screening and training protocols. When the maximum level of protection is required, our guards can neutralize threats before they put students and faculty at risk.
  • Unarmed Guards Services: For situations in which an armed response would be inappropriate, we also offer unarmed personnel to patrol your property. Even without firearms, these officers are held to the same high standards of conduct and protocol.
  • Vehicle Patrol Services: Sprawling campuses require the ability to cover a lot of ground. We can provide vehicles for patrolling your properties and deterring crime.

Why Choose Consolidated Protective Services?

We’re the most comprehensive source for all school security expertise in the area. We strive to be as responsive and accessible as possible. That’s why we’ve chosen to remain a medium-sized company. Whether you hire us on a temporary or permanent basis, count on us to provide excellence in everything we do.

Contact us today for a free assessment of your elementary school, high school, or college campus security needs.