Bank And Financial Institution Security In Sacramento & Northern California

Today’s financial institutions require a strong security presence due to the high risk of robbery and theft. Protecting these facilities requires the highest standards of training and knowledge. Consolidated Protective Services provides experienced and fully trained armed security guards and unarmed security guards for bank security, as well as any other type of financial institution.

Because a bank security guard is often the first and last person your customers see at your business, we emphasize professional appearance and personable interaction, in addition to relentless vigilance. Security services are designed to protect customers, but the presence of a bank guard is an effective option for crime prevention.

Crime Prevention

Visible security measures such as an on-duty guard deter bank robbers because criminals tend to seek locations that appear to be the easiest targets. Of the 2,975 bank robberies reported by the FBI in 2018, only 162 occurred when a uniform security guard was on duty. Simply having a uniformed security watchperson on site is an automatic visual deterrent, not to mention a confidence boost for customers and employees. At Consolidated Protective Services, we train our guards to look for suspicious activity and react to potential security issues.

Professional Security Guard for Financial Institutions

The ability to observe several customers and know when to respond to a potential threat requires experience in protecting banks and institutions that regularly house a significant amount of money on site. Safeguarding money and employees requires advance planning, and our bank security in Sacramento will help you protect your business with a security plan tailored for your institution’s needs.

Customer Confidence

Having a dedicated armed security officer on the premises not only deters criminal activity—it makes a positive impression on customers. Whether customers are making a transaction or walking to their cars, our trained security guards can help them feel confident of your business’ commitment to protecting their safety and the security of their property.

Why Choose Consolidated Protective Services?

Simply put, you won’t find better financial institution security in Sacramento. When you need help, you can reach us. Just ask a question and we’ll respond. We’ve kept our business medium-sized on purpose, so we can focus on delivering the high-quality security service a bank needs, prioritizing excellence for every client.

Our president and top-level managers are readily available to address any concerns that arise. Likewise, because we know how critical officer training is to job performance, we invest a large portion of our company resources in making sure our guards are most professional and highly skilled in the industry. Whether you need armed bank security on a long- or short-term basis, talk to us.

Crime is an unfortunate part of operating a bank. Don’t risk burglary or the safety of your customers. Contact us today for a free assessment of your financial institution’s security needs.