Hotel Security in Sacramento & Northern California

For owners and managers of hotels, motels, and resorts, making sure that guests are feeling safe and comfortable is a chief concern. Consolidated Protective Services takes a proactive approach to protecting your guests and property with our experienced hotel security guards.

We take the time to train our security guards to handle any security concern that may arise in the hospitality environment whether they patrol a large hotel with hundreds of guests or a small luxury resort that hosts exclusive clientele. By always upholding a superior standard of professionalism, our hospitality security officers will make a positive impression on your guests and help them feel at ease.

Consolidated Protective Services will help you create a security program that addresses the specific challenges confronting your establishment. You may require armed guards and a security patrol to protect high profile guests, or you may look at installing a uniform hotel door guard in a highly visible situation. Your establishment may also benefit from the basic security an unarmed guard can provide.

Integration of your surveillance system operated by our security officer will provide an extra layer of protection. Also, sometimes all a criminal needs to see is that a property has hotel door security on duty and he’ll decide to strike elsewhere.

Security Guards for Hotels, Motels, Parking Lots and More

Our capabilities for hotel security services include:

  • Preventing the theft of guest property
  • Escorting drunk or belligerent individuals off the property
  • Responding to noise complaints
  • Ensuring parking lot security
  • Enforcing rules and regulations

What We Do

We understand how important safety is in the hospitality industry. That’s why we give hotels, resorts, and other venues the skilled hotel security management services that means comfort and confidence for clients. When you work with us, patrons can rest assured that risks are mitigated and they’re in good hands.

We start by evaluating and assessing risks at your location, and then we use that analysis to generate a customized protection plan for you. We have armed guards and unarmed guards available to be on site to monitor, patrol, and safeguard the venue. These security personnel receive thorough and ongoing training in all aspects of protection, including the specialized tactics needed for unique situations.

A hotelier’s job is to ensure his or her guests feel like they’ve come home when they check in for the night, and it’s difficult to provide that service without adequate security. We’ll do the work keeping your employees and guests safe while management can devote its time to enhancing the guest experience at your establishment. Contact us today for a free assessment of your establishment’s unique requirements for hotel security in Sacramento.