Retail Security in Sacramento & Northern California

The pressure on retail establishments to protect people and profits has never been greater. Consolidated Protective Services works with Sacramento-area businesses to create professional retail security programs directed at loss prevention and customer peace of mind.

Crime Deterrence

Thieves, vandals, and other criminals think twice about targeting a business that has a uniform security officer on duty. Consolidated Protective Services trains our retail security guards to recognize suspicious activity and respond quickly.

The ability to protect customers means always looking ahead to possible problems. A small alarm attached to a piece of merchandise isn’t always going to prevent theft. A guard will need to confront anyone who attempts to leave the premises without paying.

Loss Prevention

In today’s retail environment, there is increased concern over violence during the apprehension of shoplifters. Effective shopping center security requires exceptional vigilance because of the secretive nature of shoplifters. The presence of a uniformed security officer on the premises encourages immediate cooperation from subjects without the risk of physical altercation.

Constant communication between the security patrols outside the buildings and staff members inside ensures that situations don’t get out of hand. Coordination between a security detail and the employee manning the surveillance system in the office helps catch a burglary in process instead of after the fact.

Customer Peace of Mind

The presence of uniformed security guards creates a pleasant experience for customers by encouraging panhandlers and solicitors to move elsewhere. More importantly, it gives customers the confidence to shop at your retail establishment whenever they want without the threat of theft or violence.

Guards for Stores and Malls

Customers must feel safe or they won’t return to shops for future purchases. It’s natural for personalities to clash in retail environments, particularly during busy sales periods. Our highly trained guards have the skills to diffuse situations before anything unfortunate occurs on your property.

Parking Lot Security

From chaotic drivers to auto theft, parking lots can be potential security hazards. Especially in high-crime areas, parking lot security must be a priority. Consolidated Protective Services’ retail parking lot security guards deter threats and ensure that customers can get to and from their vehicles safely. Our security guards will even act as escorts when needed.

Contact us today to request a free evaluation of your security needs. We have experience providing retail security service for many types of Sacramento-area businesses, including malls, shopping centers, grocery stores, and art galleries.