Professional Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

The presence of a security guard in uniform can put you and your customers at ease while acting as a deterrent to thieves and vandals. For over 12 years, Consolidated Protective Services has been providing Sacramento-area commercial businesses with armed and unarmed security guard services. Whichever option you use, our rigorous screening process, as well as our strict hiring and training procedures ensure that our officers will represent your business’ commitment to quality, safety, and security. GPS mobile device tracking provides an added measure of assurance that our professional guards are always in the right place at the right time.

Armed Security Guards

Our armed security guards are extensively trained, dependable professionals. We require each officer to achieve chemical and baton certification, in addition to obtaining a firearm permit. They receive intensive instruction on how to approach and engage in every threatening and high-risk circumstance.

Trained to observe their environments closely, our officers develop a heightened awareness of the conditions around them. Certified in multiple tactics, this training makes our Sacramento-area armed security guards ideally equipped for situations that involve high-value items.

Best Security Guard Services in Sacramento and Northern California

Our private guards offer experience in protecting valuable property such as artwork, jewelry, important documents, and rare books in residential or commercial property. In addition, our security services are suitable for guarding large sums of cash in homes, as well as financial institutions like banks.

Unarmed Security Guards

Like our armed officers, Consolidated Protective Services’ unarmed security guards must undergo an in-depth screening process. They receive extensive training on weapons use. All dedicated guards are regularly tested on their knowledge of site-specific security protocols and situations whether they’re assigned on a full time or part time basis. Contact us today to learn more about our licensed armed and unarmed security guards. We proudly serve businesses in Sacramento and the surrounding communities.