Video Surveillance in Sacramento & Northern California

Consolidated Protective Services’ remote surveillance solutions can provide Sacramento-area homes and businesses with a budget-friendly alternative to having a guard onsite 24/7. Many property owners, companies, and managers appreciate the fact that remote video surveillance gives them the ability to secure larger areas with fewer personnel.

24/7 Live Video Surveillance

For a flat monthly fee, Consolidated Protective Services will employ the latest in digital security technology to monitor your property from our fully staffed control center. The moment we notice any suspicious activity, we will immediately dispatch a local security patrol officer to investigate the situation and manage potential security threats. In the event of a security breach, our camera system will provide a valuable recording to authorities.

24/7 Live Video Monitoring for Homes & Business

Audio is an invaluable addition to a remote surveillance system’s capacity to deter crime. By issuing auditory warnings to would-be criminals, we can stop them in their tracks before they can do harm. An active video surveillance system is like having a live security patrol guarding your property, and it’s more effective than an unmanned alarm system.

Contact us today to learn how our remote surveillance services can provide your Sacramento-area home or business with a proactive and practical solution at a price you can afford.