Security Service Technology in Sacramento & Northern California

At Consolidated Protective Services, using the latest security technology is one way in which we provide security guard services in the safest and most efficient manner. Our security techniques help deter crime, and the use of private security technology By helping us streamline our operation, the following tools allow us to spend less time on administrative duties and more time serving your daily crime prevention needs.

SageQuest GPS Tracking ®

We equip our Sacramento-area vehicles and mobile patrol security officers with computerized vehicle monitoring solutions that allow us to track our officers’ activity remotely. Through GPS tracking, SageQuest keeps us informed of driving behavior, routes, and the time a patrol spends at a particular location.

Guard1 ®

The Guard1 guard tour system monitors our officers and provides verification that our security officers are performing their patrols as expected. Today’s security technologies must track activities in real-time. The built-in tracking tool keeps our clients informed with reports about incidents and observations.

Competitive Edge Software ®

We believe that a security company must stay organized with sophisticated technology and advanced software to be effective. That is why we use Competitive Edge Software to write case reports, log our officers’ daily activities, and deliver professional reports to our clients.

InTime ®

Designed specifically for law enforcement and the security industry, InTime scheduling software helps us ensure that the right professional is at the right place at exactly the right time.

Security Service Tools