Our Sacramento vehicle patrol security services provide residential communities and business environments with a strong deterrent against would-be criminals. We offer random and dedicated security patrol services as well as mobile alarm response. Let us assist you in selecting the right services for your situation.

All of Consolidated Protective Services’ professionally marked patrol vehicles are equipped with our company logo, a light bar, spotlights, and a push bumper. In addition, GPS tracking provides our customers with time and date stamps that record each mobile security patrol stop.

Our security patrol acts as a cost-effective theft deterrent, and our vehicle presence boosts the safety enjoyed by residents of apartment complexes, gated communities, and neighborhoods with HOAs. Our patrols also reduce crimes of opportunity when would-be thieves see our professional guards patrolling in marked units. With a vehicle patrol security guard on the scene, your tenants and their guests can feel safer and more comfortable because they will know someone is watching out for them.

Reduce theft and vandalism at construction sites with our security patrol, and ensure the security of your industrial property with our alarm response services. Our patrols will assist with straightforward security procedures such as the towing of improperly parked vehicles, as well as security defense against break-ins, disturbances, and minor emergencies. The presence of our security patrol vehicles can help boost the efficiency and profitability of your operations by neutralizing threats and protecting your property.

In addition to providing immediate security assistance, our private security patrols also coordinate with local EMS and fire departments for medical and other emergencies. Our vehicles are equipped with advanced technology that ensures our guards can take swift action no matter the severity of a security breach or crisis.

Residential and Commercial Vehicle Patrol Services With Spotlights and GPS Tracking

When you choose to partner with our security services, we help design an integrated patrol and alarm response program that covers each security gap your community or business faces. You’ll know your property or community is safe when you see our patrols on site. We work closely with you to develop a fully customized solution to your needs, ensuring that you will have security patrol cars and personnel watching out for you and your most important assets. We’re dedicated to creating an environment of trust and confidence with our clients, no matter what services they require.

Contact us today to learn more about our random and dedicated vehicle patrol protective services, and receive a free security evaluation.