Sacramento Dedicated Mobile Patrol Security

Our dedicated security patrol services are ideal for properties and venues in the greater Sacramento area that require a full-time security patrol presence due to higher rates of crime. The presence of a high-profile patrol security vehicle discourages thieves, vandals, and other criminals from doing harm.

Your company benefits when employees feel safe and your business experiences a low rate of crime. Increase customer activity in retail situations and boost employee morale with the presence of trained officers and a full-time mobile patrol.

We train our dedicated security patrol officers to recognize suspicious activity, as well as the best response for any volatile security issue. A mobile patrol offers superior preventative maintenance against potential security breaches. We’ll create a unique program designed to eliminate security weaknesses and provide immediate assistance for all threats.

Each mobile patrol officer we assign is trained on a continual basis, which means our security professionals are aware of new and existing security threats. We know that a dedicated patrol offers superior crime prevention for industrial and manufacturing properties, but our patrols aren’t just for show.

Your business can’t operate at peak efficiency without an effective security patrol. Reduce the number of management hours required to tend to security issues with the option of a random or dedicated patrol. We’re adept at creating a strong security plan for standard and alternative business environments.

Full Time Patrol Vehicles Deter Criminal Activity in Northern California

For companies that require a dedicated vehicle patrol, we offer services that include noise control, parking enforcement, and emergency assistance. We’ll identify the needs of your company for superior theft deterrence and professional security.

Let us discourage crime on your property and reduce risks with our professional vehicle patrols. Contact us today to learn more about our random and dedicated vehicle patrol security services and receive a free security evaluation.